Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment

bleeding hemorrhoids treatment

bleeding hemorrhoids treatmentBleeding hemorrhoids treatment should always begin with fiber intake and fluid intake.

Because constipation and hard stools are a major irritant of hemorrhoids, bleeding hemorrhoids treatment should always address these issues first.

Immediate hemorrhoid relief can be achieved through herbal remedies and sitz baths discussed below.

bleeding hemorrhoids treatment

Fiber Intake

Fiber intake is easy to manage and can really help to stop bleeding:

  • The goal is to consume 20 – 30 grams of fiber each day
  • For example, you can start the day with two slices of double fiber toast
  • Eat a cup of strawberries or berries at lunch
  • End the day with either a baked potato, a cup of string beans or peas
  • It is easy to get the proper level of fiber, and it will help to soften stools and eliminate constipation

bleeding hemorrhoid treatment

Fluid Intake

Fluid intake works with fiber effectively to manage hemorrhoid symptoms:

  • Drink 4 -5 glasses of water each day
  • This will help soften stools and eliminate constipation
  • Effective bleeding hemorrhoids treatment must begin with eliminating the cause of irritation

bleeding hemorrhoids

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are preferred by hemorrhoid sufferers to shrink and repair hemorrhoids:

  • Drugstore remedies typically contain steroids and cause a significant burning sensation
  • Herbal remedies, in particular Zenmed Ziro, has proven to be truly effective in treating bleeding hemorrhoids, repairing and calming inflamed tissue, reducing pain and eliminating itching
  • To strengthen tissue and minimize the risk of recurrence in the future, Venapro has proven to be most effective

bleeding hemorrhoids treatment

Sitz Baths

The use of sitz baths will substantially minimize the symptoms of bleeding hemorrhoids:

  • Sitz baths easily fit on your toilet seat
  • They can be purchased for about $20.00 at your local drugstore
  • Use them to soak hemorrhoids in warm water, 15 – 20 minutes, 3 times per day
  • Drawing a bath accomplishes the same task, although less conveniently

hemorrhoids bleeding treatment

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment – Important Notes

Aging, obesity, constipation, pregnancy, cigarette smoking, alcohol, excessive sitting or standing, lack of activity – these are some of the most common situations that can lead to bleeding hemorrhoids.

Bleeding hemorrhoids can be exacerbated with hard stools and constipation. Therefore these concerns should be tackled first.

Bleeding hemorrhoids, particularly if the show of blood continues for several continuous days, should be evaluated by a doctor.

A doctor will determine the nature of the hemorrhoid – whether it is internal, external, prolapsed or thrombosed.

Some bleeding hemorrhoids require little hemorrhoid treatment, whereas others may be more invasive and require surgery.

Should surgery be recommended, simple procedures such as rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy or laser may be used.

In more complicated cases, hemorrhoidectomy or stapling may be implemented. Again, a doctor needs to be involved in evaluating the bleeding hemorrhoids treatment so that infection will not become an issue.

bleeding hemorrhoids treatment

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hemorrhoids bleeding treatment

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bleeding hemorrhoids treatment